Ivanka Trump, daughter and Advisor to the US President Donald Trump, have been used for the Sending of hundreds of service messages to a private E-Mail account. The electronic Post was intended for employees in the White house, members of the Cabinet and their assistants, reports the Washington Post. Trump has failed so often against the rules.

The White house has not responded to questions about the report. A spokesman for her lawyer, Peter Mirijanian said that Ivanka Trump had used in the transitional phase before the arrival of the government, sometimes your personal e-mail account. However, “nearly always for the logistics and scheduling around your family.” No strictly confidential information had been transmitted.

Already last year there had been reports that a number of advisers to the President private email accounts to discuss the Affairs of the White house – including Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. At the time, it was said, government employees have described the use of private accounts than sporadically.

The liberal Watchdog organization American Oversight had put in the result in the case of several US government departments amendments to the freedom of information act to get the E-Mail communication from Ivanka Trump. As an answer, moved the NGO to court – and won. The publications show that, With a total of four U.S. authorities corresponded Ivanka Trump on your private e-mail address. Including Linda McMahon, the head of the for the promotion of small and medium-sized companies, to the competent authority, Small Business Administration.

“The family of the President is not above the law,” said Austin Evers, the Oversight Executive Director of the American. He called for an investigation by Congress.

Donald Trumps rival Hillary Clinton was attacked by the later US President because of private servers that mailed E-Mails in the election campaign. He called it “fraudulent, Hillary,” and said they belong in jail.

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