US President Donald Trump changes for the second Time, his chief of staff in the White house. John Kelly will go to the end of the year, Trump said in Washington. A successor no later than on Monday.

Kelly is in the less than two-year tenure of Donald Trump’s second chief of staff, must go. The former marine General and temporary Secretary of Homeland security, was followed in the past year, Reince Priebus, to bring order in the operations of the White house. As chief of staff he controls the access to the President and helps establish the political priorities.

About Kelly’s was before been the outlet for months of speculation. The resignation of Kelly’s is the second major management change in the environment Trumps since the Congress elections on may 6. November. Prior to that, he had separated already from his Minister of justice, Jeff Sessions. Before that, there had been dozens of personnel changes – the most spectacular was the, allegedly, via Twitter, was the dismissal of foreign Minister, Rex Tillerson.

Trump: change of personnel in the Public service, normal

Trump himself had responded to criticism of his as a discontinuity perceived personal policy was always that it was completely normal, that highly skilled people are exchanged in the Public service and in the better-paid private sector change.

had, However, made it Trump his predecessor, Barack Obama is still fierce accusations, as this had been brought to of 2012, the third chief of staff within three years to the White house. Many of the bills of exchange were part of the reason that Obama could not bring his political Agenda, Trump argues that at the time.

the US media had repeatedly reported that in the White house by some employees against each other would work instead. In September, an anonymous guest post under the title “I’m part of the resistance, in which a senior member of staff, wrote that many employees working on it, the President “the Worst hold appeared in the New York Times”.

As a favorite for Kelly’s successor is Nick Ayers. The Republican is currently chief of staff to Vice-President Mike Pence. Ayers had told Trump that he will accept the office for the duration of the coming spring, writes the New York Times. Trump is looking to a permanent stay of Ayers. In the event of a cancellation, among other things, the US could be Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin another candidate.

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