The United States will respond to the sharply increasing consumption of flavored E-cigarettes among young people and want to regulate it more strictly. The Supervisory authority of the FDA is not seeking only to stricter requirements for the sale in the shops. In online trading age controls will be enforced. In addition, the authority announced a ban on conventional cigarettes with menthol flavor, as well as flavored cigars work.

The now proclaimed measures against E-cigarettes fall back, however, behind prior statements of the FDA. In September, authorities had communicated to chief Scott Gottlieb that he was considering a blanket ban on flavoured E-cigarettes. The sale of E-cigarettes of any kind to minors had been banned by the FDA two years ago. However, has spread their use among young people, according to Gottlieb “epidemic”.

The FDA announced the Plan provides for, among other things, that flavored E-cigarettes may now only be sold in such shops or shop areas to which minors are not admitted.

Of the new restrictions, except to stay for the time being, E-cigarettes, with Menthol and mint flavor. Gottlieb argued that such E-cigarettes are adult more popular than among the young. He also wanted to avoid the Situation that users of E-cigarettes have switched to tobacco products with menthol flavor, because E-cigarettes are with this taste more difficult to obtain.

use among youth

takes strong, However, Gottlieb announced that he wanted to work towards a ban in the USA, extremely popular regular cigarettes with a menthol taste. The appropriate regulatory process for this type of tobacco cigarettes can last but – in contrast to the planned restrictions on E-cigarettes for years, and its success is not guaranteed. Similar to complicated the process for the FDA-chief-sought to ban flavored cigars.

According to a published survey, use of E-cigarettes increased between 2017 and 2018 high school students in the United States to 78 percent, among middle school students by 48 percent. A total of 3.6 million of these students consume, therefore, in the meantime, the electric Cigarette – 1.5 million more than last year.

Gottlieb sees the use of E-cigarettes as a path to nicotine addiction. “I’m not going to let a Generation of children to E-cigarettes is addicted to nicotine,” he said.

E-cigarettes simulate the Smoking without burning tobacco. Here, liquids are evaporated, the so-called e-Liquids. The resulting mist is inhaled. Like tobacco cigarettes, most E-cigarettes contain nicotine but. The taste of fruits and sweets, with which they are often mixed, it makes for many young people, particularly attractive.

in Europe the E-cigarettes are controversial, in Germany the sale to minors. Many doctors warn, even in the supposedly harmless tobacco alternative nicotine could be addictive. Supporters of E-cigarettes describe you as a means of tobacco addiction or to prevent it.

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