Normally, U.S. special investigator Robert Mueller media has not commented on reports about his studies on the Russia-affair. Now has spoken in his office, but – and Central parts of the report of the “Buzzfeed” rejected as defective. Consequently, U.S. President Donald Trump to have his Ex-lawyer Michael Cohen to make false testimony before Congress instigated.

The presentation of the online portal of specific statements of Mueller and the description of documents and witness statements received by the office in relation to Cohen’s statements in Congress “are not correct,” said a spokesman.

It is the first Time that the investigator expresses publicly to a media report on his investigations into the suspicion a Russian interference in the presidential election in 2016. Previously, Trump had rejected the allegations. “Buzzfeed” has remained in its presentation. The opposition Democrats spoke of serious allegations, and announced an investigation.

Michael Cohen

Cohen had given in November before the court that he has lied to the Congress in connection with a Trump-real estate project in Moscow. He didn’t want to obscure the fact that the ultimately unsuccessful negotiations had not yet been in the election campaign of 2016, and has not already been completed.

“Buzzfeed”report is based on two sources

“Buzzfeed” reported, citing two unnamed law enforcement that Cohen had said the Mueller investigation to have, at the request of Trump lied. In November, Cohen had declared in court that he had done this out of loyalty to Trump. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

The Mueller-speaker expressed directly as to whether there is evidence that Trump had instigated Cohen for the false statement. He denied, rather, representations in the report that “Buzzfeed” the allegations substantiated.

Among other things, he objected to the assertion of the “BuzzFeed” that the special investigators have learned through interviews of employees of the Trump organization, through E-Mails, text messages and other documents from an alleged Trump-call to Cohen.

Democrats want to allegations check

“Buzzfeed”editor-in-chief Ben Smith said: “We stand by the reporting and the sources from which the information comes, and we ask the special investigator to clarify what he denies.” Cohen expressed. Trump dismissed the allegations and said on Twitter that Cohen lie, achieve a reduction in the prison sentence. The Democrats announced they would examine the allegations.’

A call to a lie under oath would be an Offence, said the Chairman of the judiciary Committee in the house of representatives, Jerrold Nadler. The Chairman of the intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, spoke of the most serious allegations against Trump. Some Democrats are saying that the allegations are so serious that they could prepare the way for impeachment proceedings, should they turn out to be true.

Mueller is investigating whether there is a Russian influence on the presidential election in 2016, and whether there has been collusion between Russia and trump’s campaign team. Trump and the government in Moscow have denied such allegations.


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