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read a few weeks Ago, the Ernst case seemed to have arrived. Just US President, Donald Trump had fired his justice Minister, Jeff Sessions, and Matthew Whitaker as a provisional successor. Whitaker was chief of staff of Sessions, and, above all noticed that he was attacking the Russia-investigations be made public. Now he should preside as interim head of the authority in the investigation. Civil rights organizations called on spontaneously to hundreds of protests across the country. They feared the end of the studies. 100,000 people responded to the call. “We have shown that we care,” said Stephen Spaulding of Common Cause, one of the groups.

Not only civil rights organizations want to prevent that the White house ended the investigation prematurely. Also many people in Washington are working on a Plan to protect special investigator Robert Mueller against the Intervention of the President. Should take Trump Seriously and, for example, Mueller dismissed, then you want to be ready. Since Sessions in front of approximately a year of investigations has withdrawn – at the time, had come out that he had concealed the Congress, contacts with the Russian Ambassador, a working group of the Democrats, every Friday, to talk about the seriousness of the case.

this week, the investigation took a decisive turn, the advanced Trump personally yet once more in the focus. Michael Cohen, his former personal lawyer, was known already in summer, in several respects guilty, surprisingly appeared before a New York court. There, he explained, to have the Congress in terms of a planned real estate deal for Trump in Moscow, lied to, was still being negotiated during the election campaign. He also admitted to have a contact in the Kremlin about the project spoken.

“when does the witch hunt end?”

For the main question of the Mueller investigation, whether there is a Russian influence attempt on the presidential election in 2016, the collusion between Trumps people and representatives of Russia, is Cohen’s statement, no definitive breakthrough, but that he has abandoned his loyalty to the current President, is no small thing: If there was a conspiratorial activities, should Cohen have known about it. In August, he had known to be guilty of breaking the campaign financing law, and as the first defendant in the context of the Russia-investigations already established a direct connection to Trump.

to have Only a few days prior to Cohen’s admission of guilt special investigator Mueller, the former campaign Manager of Trump, Paul Manafort, the investigators lied to the White house, information had been accused of. Thus, he had violated the terms of an agreement, the him in return for his cooperation for a reduced sentence had been insured with an ongoing charge – the Deal was null and void.

The President did the news on Thursday in the usual way. “When does this witch hunt finally, has ruined many innocent lives?”, Trump wrote in the Morning on Twitter. To journalists, he later added that Cohen, in relation to a completely legitimate project that everyone knew and had never come about, lie to get a reduced sentence.

Short explains How to threat the Russia-investigations for Donald Trump? Russian Electoral manipulation, secret Deals, obstruction of Justice: Robert Mueller’s investigation will approach the White house. The progress of the investigation, short –

The President and his lawyers reinforced these days, the attacks on the investigation, because of a final report Mueller’s move closer to my critics. “We are on alert,” said Stephen Spaulding of the civil rights organization Common Cause. Starting in January, he believes, will escalate the conflict. Then the Democrats assume the majority in the house of representatives. This gives the party the more hand, protocols to demand to Interrogate or even to call that play a role in the investigation, special investigator Mueller.

“The work of the special investigator has become since the Congress elections are safe,” says Paul Rosenzweig from the Washington think tank R Street Institute. In the case of an emergency, it voted for the Democrats top priority is to secure the previously collected documents, and to prevent that the team of investigators will prematurely dissolved. The deputies could initiate hearings to a possible obstruction of Justice and urge to transfer the investigation to a special Committee of the Congress – similar to the committees in the Watergate scandal. The corresponding applications are already pre-formulated, ready-stated in US media.

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