the US Constitution, judge John Roberts has practiced in a highly unusual move, open criticism of President Donald Trump. Roberts, who chairs the Supreme court of the United States, rebuked Trump because of his attack on a judge of a subordinate instance.

The Federal judge John Tigar in San Francisco had stopped earlier this week, the President arranged a restriction of the right to asylum entered into by the parties. Trump accused Tigar as a result, the political bias, describing him as an “Obama judge”. Tigar was appointed by former President Barack Obama.

“We have no Obama-a judge or a Trump-judge, Bush-a judge or a Clinton judge,” said judge Roberts. “The independent judiciary is something we should all be grateful,” he said. “What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges who give your very Best to have equal rights with those exercised by appear in front of you,” said Roberts.

Trump responded to the criticism of the judge promptly about the messaging service Twitter. He wrote, the partisanship of Parts of the judiciary was “shocking”. Rulings like that of judge Tigar “make our country insecure,” wrote the President. “Very dangerous and unwise.” To Roberts tweeted Trump: “I’m sorry Mr Chairman, John Roberts is doing to me, but there are ‘pro-Obama-judges'”.

Trump had already been attacked in the past, individual judges came to him with decisions getting in the way. That a sitting judge of the Supreme Court criticised the US President in such a way, but very rarely – especially since Roberts is also a member of the conservative wing of the Supreme court.

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