Nurmagomedov finished the fight after a dominant performance in the fourth round by the "Rear Naked Choke," a task handle. Thereafter, the Situation escalated.

The Russian jumped up the ranks in the audience, the result is a desert brawl with the Team McGregors. Several people in the Octagon and attacked boarded the defeated Irish.

The Background: several months Ago, McGregor ensured a scandal, when he attacked the Bus of the Russians and a sack barrow by one of the window of the bus threw. A few days before Nurmagomedov that had been attacked by a training partner and friend McGregors. Get now your free trial month (display) Khabib against McGregor in DAZN

UFC 229 is likely one of the most scandalous Events in the history of the "Ultimate Fighting Championship" – the fight was in the light of the actions after the task handle of the Irish people almost to the next thing. Screenshot

McGregor loses to Khabib.

One thing seems certain: The feud between the two fighters this evening is over.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex McGregor occurs when the weight of Nurmagomedov hej/tha

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