The European Commission has adopted a Plan for the event of the failure of the Brexit negotiations. It contains “a limited number of emergency measures in priority areas,” said the authority. The exit negotiations with the United Kingdom are progressing for months because of the unresolved problem of the future border between the British province of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

British should be allowed in the case of a Brexits without a contract without a visa in the European Union travel. A prerequisite will however be that the UK citizens introducing a similar scheme for the EU, said European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans, in Strasbourg.

The exception to the EU visa obligations should not occur according to Timmermans, words in power, as soon as EU-laws apply to the UK. The ongoing Brexit should lead negotiations to exit the contract, this would be a until the end of 2020, a planned transition phase of the case. The negotiations fail, it came already with the leaving date on the 29. March 2019.

In a few months, it is so far: the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. But how? With Agreement? Or in dispute without a compromise? We illustrate in a graph, what are the options for action, the UK will remain.

“duty, as little damage as possible”

Timmermans said there were more intense negotiations with London. “Although we are making progress, we are not there yet.” The EU is working hard to ensure that an agreement for an orderly exit would be reached. But you must prepare for all options. “The UK’s exit will lead to breaks, whether a contract is or is not,” said Timmermans. “We all have a duty as little damage as possible.”

The Commission stressed that “only a small part of the preparations” of the EU institutions themselves. They called on the member States as well as regions and municipalities, to take care of the preparation of the so-called No-Deal scenario. However, the Commission is “ready to intensify their co-ordination of the work of the member States” to ensure that “all measures in the EU are consistently and coherently implemented”. Brussels wants to support, in particular, Ireland “in search of solutions for the specific challenges of the Irish company”.

the UK, the EU wants to on 29. March 2019 to leave. The exit contract to write a child procedures, as well as the transition phase until the end of 2020, in which almost nothing changes. The main obstacle is the complicated and politically sensitive issue, as the border between the EU-state of Ireland and the British Northern Ireland to remain open.

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