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How to get out of the EU? Theresa May needs to fight in the coming week to ensure that your painstakingly negotiated with the EU exit agreement will find a majority in the British Parliament. But senior Ministers from may’s Cabinet to keep the Brexit Plan of their Prime Minister for not feasible. In the Cabinet scenarios, such as a second Referendum or Deal, following the example of Norway to be played.

of those who undergo a re-referendum in consideration, include labour Minister Amber Rudd and Finance Minister Philip Hammond , writes the London newspaper “The Times” in their weekend edition. A second Referendum would be for this group, however, only be considered if you fail all other options.

The Norway model would be as follows: the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, but in a second step, the European free trade area, EFTA, which includes Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Via a Treaty, these countries are bound economically close to the EU.

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The political dispute in the UK makes a hard Brexit – a exit without a contract – is always more likely. Politicians such as foreign Minister, Jeremy Hunt are ready to leave the EU, if necessary, without agreement. He could not take this Option off the table, said Hunt on Saturday. He but I still hope to get Mays Deal through the Parliament.

This must, however, be guaranteed that Britain will remain permanently in the so-called Backstop “caught”. On the Backstop of great Britain remain in the EU customs Union. So if you want to prevent a hard border on the island of Ireland.

“of Course you would lose”

In the British house of Commons considerable resistance to the painstakingly negotiated Treaty to the Brexit past weeks. Not only the opposition parties intend to vote against it, but also about 100 from may’s ruling Conservative party. A vote of confidence in their own party, the supernatant May on Wednesday evening. The allegation is that May managed to negotiate at the summit in Brussels, no significant concessions for their country.

The London “Times” does not believe, that may still achieve significant improvements to your Deal with the EU. The Situation will not change anything, says the newspaper. May should therefore avoid a further month of uncertainty and in the house of Commons on their Deal to vote on. “Of course you would lose. But at least the deputies would be forced then to face the existing options: no Deal, a kind of new Deal, following the example of Norway or a second Referendum “, – writes the London “Times”.

Also the Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee in the European Parliament, the German David McAllister (CDU) expects a vote defeat for May. He is currently “very little Chance” that the Prime Minister bring the EU agreement negotiated through the Parliament, – the politician said in the Germany radio. One Option is, of course, the cancellation of the Brexits.

200 million Euro of additional cost

For the German economy, a disorderly Brexit would be a disaster scenario. Leading associations of the German economy, warned on Saturday again faced with drastic consequences of a withdrawal without an agreement with the EU. “This can lead to the loss of Jobs and prosperity,” said the President of the German chamber of industry and Commerce day (DIHK), Eric Schweitzer.

the UK is the fifth largest export market of Germany. According to Schweitzer, more than 750,000 jobs from the Export to the UK depend in Germany. An exit without a Deal mean expensive customs bureaucracy for the company and that he expected 200 million Euro in extra costs. The actual duties could then come to this: Alone for the German car exports more loads of around two billion euros in the year threatened.

industry President Dieter Kempf, also called for clarity finally: “Every delay tactic is not a fire hazard.” German companies were involved with around 120 billion euros and over 2,000 investments in the United Kingdom. “They are preparing for the scenario of a hard Brexits. For their respective sectors, companies have made an extensive impact assessment. While there is of course also possible in Production.”


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