British Northern Ireland Secretary of state, Shailesh Vara has resigned due to the Brexit Treaty draft. He could the agreement on the EU-exit support in the UK and was thus out of the government, wrote Vara on Twitter.

justified The proposed agreement leave open the question of when the United Kingdom “will finally be a sovereign state,” the politician from the conservative party of Prime Minister Theresa May for his decision. The Tory politician referred to the UK as a “proud Nation”, which should not be reduced to obey the rules of other countries. “The people of Britain deserve Better.”

The British Cabinet had agreed to between the British and the EU agreement reached on Wednesday evening after several hours of consultation. May have to bring the contract, however, by the British Parliament. The European Parliament also has to agree. EU Council President Donald Tusk has a special summit on 25 may. November convened, at which the Treaty should be signed, including a political Declaration on the future of relations.

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