The stock ends Brexit negotiations on strict the Parties on both sides increasingly. The EU expresses concern about the delays. “So much time we have,” said Minister of state for Europe Michael Roth (SPD) in Brussels. The French Minister for European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau, said that the EU countries are prepared to a Failure of the negotiations. This was not “our preferred scenario”, but preparations were underway.

EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, announced his “intensive negotiation efforts,” the Central question of the future border between Ireland and Northern Ireland to continue. “An agreement has not yet been achieved,” said Barnier, according to the EU Council at the Meeting of the Minister of state for Europe. A special summit of the EU heads of state and heads of government to Brexit in November is looking increasingly unlikely. “We continue to wait for news from London,” said Belgium’s foreign Minister Didier Reynders. He hoped to reach an agreement before Christmas.

“The negotiations are in a very critical and sensitive Phase,” said Ireland’s foreign Minister, Simon Coveney. The exit agreement must contain a “legally effective” catch-all solution for the border to Northern Ireland, he demanded.

still no agreement on the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland

is A scheduled contract for the UK’s exit from the European Union in March 2019 is largely finished. It is the agreement on the future border between Ireland and Northern Ireland is still missing. The EU and Dublin wish to avoid new controls in the long time of political violence-ridden Region. If the negotiating parties reach agreement, is to grab a stopgap. Would keep great Britain together with Northern Ireland in a customs Union with the EU. This step, however, would require customs checks within the Kingdom.

In Parts of the government from May, and of your Tory party, as well as in Northern Ireland, is the resistance to it. There is a fear of a division of the Kingdom. The Prime Minister May want to question in the Northern Ireland that the UK remains as a Whole in the EU-the customs Union, as long as both sides find no other solution. The therefore, in the summer of retired Ex-foreign Minister Johnson warned in the Daily Telegraph in front of a “total surrender” before the EU. May want to limit your catch-all solution, therefore, time, which the EU refused. Brussels seems to be willing in principle to accept may’s proposal, without the time limit, and with appropriate assurances with EU Standards.

Roth Mays proposal and called it “an Option”. It had to be prevented, that it come to “unfair relationships” in the relationship between Britain and the EU, and that European Social, labour and environmental standards would undermine, he said.

Barnier will inform on Tuesday, the EU-Commission at its weekly meeting in Strasbourg on the state. On the day the British Cabinet comes together as usual.

Plan B financial company

the British financial companies have Also come up with a Plan B. 30 financial service providers have submitted applications to be able to in the future, your transactions, from Germany, said state Secretary of Finance Jörg Kukies in Frankfurt. “We can’t sit back now and believe that banks, Asset managers and insurers come to Germany,” he said. The goal of this shift is not only a few Hundred, but thousands of Jobs to Germany. “This is our great Ambition.”

– banging, Meanwhile, must May according to media reports, both in Parliament and in his own Cabinet to support for Brexit plans. The former British education Minister Justine Greening said in a broadcast transmitter the BBC, according to their assessment, the Parliament would reject a withdrawal without an agreement with the EU, as well as may’s Plan for a Brexit. At the same time, the conservative EU-advocate for a new Referendum in which the citizens should be three options: firstly, Mays Brexit Plan, and secondly via an outlet on the Basis of the rules of the world trade organization WTO or, third, to remain in the EU. In addition, Mays Cabinet wobbles, according to Greening. Some of the Ministers, who are against Brexit, should think according to media reports, a resignation.

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