Russian President Vladimir Putin keeps the peace with the current Ukrainian government is out of the question. “The war will continue as long as it remains in Power,” Putin said at his final press conference at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires. The Ukrainian leadership, Putin referred to as the “party of war” that have no interest in the conflict – “even by peaceful means”.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine was escalated on the previous weekend after a confrontation in the Black sea again. The Russian coast guard had ships denied in the Kerch Strait between the Crimean Peninsula in the Black sea and the Russian coast, three of the Ukrainian Navy, the entrance to the Azov sea and the boats shot. Several Ukrainian naval soldiers were injured, and 24 crew members were detained. You should come due to violation of the Russian border before the court and have been transferred according to Russian media reports, pre-trial detention to a prison in Moscow. As a reaction to the incident had decided the Ukrainian Parliament on Monday to impose from Wednesday for 30 days of martial law in Parts of the country.

Angela Merkel for mediating a

Putin on the sidelines of the G20-summit with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a conversation together. While Merkel lobbied in particular for the freedom of the ship traffic into the Azov sea. “The free shipping in the Azov sea must be guaranteed to the Ukrainian coasts and cities,” the Chancellor said after her talks with Putin. To do this, there is a contractual basis, which should be respected by Russia.

According to the most recent escalation in the Azov sea, all the tightening should be avoided””. You have agreed with the Russian President on further talks in the Normandy Format. In this discussion forum Germany and France are trying to convey since the Russian annexation of the Crimea in 2014 between the pages. The interviews should be conducted at the level of the government advisors from Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France, Merkel said.

Even with U.S. President Donald Trump spoke to Merkel, according to government spokesman Steffen Seibert about the recent events in the Ukraine. Trump had cancelled the agreed upon Meeting with Putin because of the escalation just prior to the start of the summit. Putin said, however, for a Meeting. “I think that the time is ripe for it,” said the Kremlin chief in Buenos Aires. Actually, I should have spoken about the exit of the USA from the important INF disarmament Treaty, Putin. The Treaty prohibits land-based nuclear Short – and medium-range missiles. The governments in Washington and Moscow accuse each other of violations of the agreement. 2021 the Treaty New Start of the course on strategic arms limitations, he said. Pre-conditions for a Meeting not Russia.

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