US President Donald Trump is considering because of the conflict in Ukraine, his planned Meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the G20 summit to cancel. He expected a comprehensive report of his security team to the seizure of Ukrainian naval boats through Russia, said Trump in an Interview with the Washington Post. This will be crucial.

“may not give it to this Meeting. To me, this Aggression will not like. I don’t want this Aggression.” On Monday the US President was reluctant to do so, to practice direct criticism of Moscow.

On the sidelines of the G20 summit, which takes place on Friday and Saturday in Buenos Aires, is a longer Meeting, Trump and Putin is planned. Thereby, security issues, arms control, the Middle East and the Ukraine, as the security adviser to Trump, John Bolton, said.

escalated for years, frozen was the end of the conflict to the Russian-annexed Peninsula of Crimea on Sunday in the Kerch Strait. There, denied Russia with the help of a cargo ship, three of the Ukrainian Navy, the entrance of boats into the sea of Azov.

Russian border guard boats fired on the Ukrainian ships, injuring several Sailors. Then they seized the boats and brought them with their crews in the port of Kerch.

In the framework of the summit, wants to meet with Trump, also with Chancellor Angela Merkel. It is expected to go mainly to the trade policy. The EU, the United States is threatening tariffs on car imports. According to a report by business week, citing EU sources, it could come in the week after the summit to new duties.

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