The Ukrainian President has asked Germany and Nato to provide military support in the conflict with Russia. “Germany is one of our closest allies and we hope that in the Nato now, States are ready to move Navy ships into the sea of Azov, to the Ukraine to assist, and to provide for security,” Poroshenko said in the Bild newspaper.

Poroshenko relies in particular on the support of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). “Chancellor Merkel is a great friend of Ukraine. In 2015, she has saved through their talks in Minsk once of our country, we hope that you will support us along with our other allies once again so very,” said Poroshenko in regard to the 2015 concluded in Minsk agreement.

US President Donald Trump has already expressed its support for mediation by Merkel. “Angela, let’s get Angela to include!”, Trump said in an Interview with the New York Post and called also for the inclusion of France. Merkel herself has already turned on in the conflict and on Monday with Poroshenko, and then with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone.

The Situation in Ukraine

Russia-controlled areas

source: Live Universal Awareness Map, do your own Research. Booth: 26. November 2018 ONLINE

Putin wants to go back to the words of Poroshenko, “the old Russian Empire” and the attack, therefore, after the whole of Ukraine. “As a Russian Emperor, so he can’t work his Empire without Ukraine, he sees us as a colony,” said the Ukrainian President. In view of the “incredible Russian Aggression,” urged Poroshenko additional sanctions by the West against Russia.

“Putin has to leave our soldiers immediately and at the same time the sea is free for the international ship traffic,” he said, with reference to the of Russia in the Crimea detained a Ukrainian Naval personnel. Not only Ukrainian trade ships, and get stuck, according to Poroshenko, before the Crimea, “but this time, also three German ships”.

criticism of Russia

Russia’s foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the United States and the EU States, the excessive indulgence of the Ukraine. “In Washington and some European capitals, you will is ready to every whim of the regime in Kiev to participate,” Lavrov said after talks with his Swiss colleague Ignazio Cassis.

The crisis between Russia and the Ukraine had begun on Sunday with a confrontation in the Black sea. The Russian coast guard had fired in the Strait of Kerch in front of the Peninsula of Crimea three Ukrainian Navy ships and hijacked. A number of the Ukrainian Navy soldiers were wounded, a total of 24 crew members were detained.

As a response, the Ukrainian Parliament decided, on a request by Poroshenko to impose a 30-day martial law in the border and coastal regions of Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine are to each other the responsibility for the crisis.

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