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The organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) since the beginning of 2014 in the Ukraine. The staff of the international organization to gather facts on the security situation, information to verify, publish, and a dialogue between the warring parties to ceasefires. As Deputy chief of mission of the special monitoring mission Alexander Hug has coordinated the spring 2014 to autumn 2018 this work and the course of the war is observed.

TIME ONLINE: Mr. Hug, what has shaped them in the four and a half years, during which you directly at the front line of the war have worked on the most?

Alexander Hug: the Suffering of the civilian population, which was evident from the very beginning and still has not stopped: The non-involved civilians are on both sides of the line of Contact daily the dangers. At the same time I am impressed by the resistance to exactly this population. The people do not give up. You don’t believe in the meaning of this war. Often you have said to us that it is not your war, is fought. It is very impressive, if someone tells you that after four and a half years of almost continuous violence.

TIME ONLINE: As we met in the year 2014 in the Region of Mariupol, they had taken their Position in the Ukraine. Have you kept it back then that the war will continue until today?

Hug: no, at least at the beginning of 2014, I was not yet clear.

Zeit ONLINE: What did you think when you have recently learned of the new escalation in the Black sea?

Hug: These events heating up the conflict. I hope that everything will be set – through the help of international organisations, to calm the Situation. International law must enforced, and the escalation spiral can be stopped. At the same time my former colleagues from the special monitoring mission reports still of ceasefire violations on the contact line in the South-East of Ukraine. There, the hostilities go on, unfortunately, continued unabated.

The Situation in Ukraine

Russia-controlled areas

source: Live Universal Awareness Map, do your own Research. Booth: 26. November 2018 ONLINE

TIME ONLINE: Came the new escalation in the Azov sea surprising?

Hug: The tensions around the annexed Peninsula of Crimea have signed in a long time. The Ukrainian side has complained for months about the fact that can move their ships only to a limited extent on the sea.

TIME ONLINE: Ukraine has now imposed martial law – more than four years after the outbreak of the war, only after 12,000 people had died. This is a paradox?

Hug: The Ukrainian government needs to know what actions you will initiate when.

Zeit ONLINE: you have seen more than four years on the front line of the rockets that were fired at residential areas, dead soldiers and civilians counted. It is not strange, if all this is not officially referred to as a war?

Hug: And it lasts. The special observer mission notes that the ceasefire violations. But whether described as a war, is a question of Definition, the need to make governments and courts. The OSCE referred to the fighting officially as a conflict in and around Ukraine. This includes the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine.

TIME ONLINE: many media in Central and Western Europe call the war is not war, but conflict. Why do many so hard with the description?

Hug: of Course it is hard for the more than 100,000 people, the conflict directly. This categorization, however, has also a legal component. Important as the question of word choice, the implementation of existing agreements to end the fighting.

TIME ONLINE: What you have said in the past few years, to your family, if you came from the Ukraine home?

Hug: To my children I said, I was at work.

TIME ONLINE: And then you asked, what is their work?

Hug: The word choice is important, and I also did my own subjective impressions and opinions to this violence.

Hug paused for a moment before he continues talking.

Zeit ONLINE: But?

Hug: You have to try not to support the violence. In my private function, I don’t want to do everything we can to pour more Oil into the fire.

TIME ONLINE: In the “Normandy Format” of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine have been negotiating for more than four years in vain for an end to the war. The real peace plan, the Minsk agreement is not respected. How could help the OSCE yet?

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