uLikeKorea CEO Kim Hee-jin demonstrates an environment sensor, which can measure the methane gas level. Photo courtesy of uLikeKorea

Korean biotech start-up implements ESG management

South Korea’s biotech start-up uLikeKorea said on June 30 that it will donate devices of measuring methane gas to 2,000 farms with the aim of increasing the number to 20,000 by next year.

As a greenhouse gas, methane gas has been a problem for farmers raising cattle. It has remained a tall task to tackle.

uLikeKorea said that its environment sensor is easy to use as it can be placed on walls. On top of measuring temperatures, it can detect methane gas from nil to 5,000 ppm.

The data can be transmitted to the cloud server to manage the methane level on a real-time basis, according to the Seoul-headquartered company.

South Korea has put forth efforts to reduce the methane gas level. In particular, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs has vied to develop renewable energy based on manure and feeds producing less methane gas.

uLikeKoera CEO Kim Hee-jin said that the company had worked on the environment sensor since 2018 in tandem with the global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Our goal is to make the farm environment better with our methane gas product. We have already received a request from a global company based in New Zealand, a major livestock market focused on sustainable management, to develop this type of product,” she said.

“We aim to address both environment and animal welfare issues while at the same time implement ESG management policies and grow as a recognized leader in the industry.”

uLikeKorea said that the contribution is a part of its efforts to embrace the so-called ESG management.

Short for environmental, social, and corporate governance, ESG refers to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability of a corporation or business.

During the past few years, ESG has surfaced as a significant managerial value across the world.

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