Brazil’s head of state, Jair Bolsonaro has been loosened by the decree of the gun laws in the South American country. In order to meet the since 1. January, President-in-office of a Central election promise of his program for “law and order”.

in the TV broadcast ceremony at the presidential Palace of Planalto in Brasília, Bolsonaro said, to ensure the “right to self-defense”, he would use as President of “this weapon” – he showed his ball-point pen.

The decree allows to Bolsonaros words, “good citizens” to acquire weapons faster. In the future, Brazilians can buy up to four firearms, and to store at home or in the workplace. “The people want to buy weapons and ammunition, and we are not able to refuse him,” said Bolsonaro.

so Far, the citizens in Brazil had to prove individually, why you need a gun. The right to bear arms in the public space, is not dealt with in the decree. Other restrictions remain in place: weapons buyer must provide evidence of their psychological empowerment.

2017, there were nearly 64,000 murders

In Latin America’s largest country were registered in the year 2017, nearly 64,000 murders. Thus, Brazil is one of the world’s most dangerous countries outside a War zone. For comparison: In Germany in the last year, about 730 homicides.

The easing of gun laws by Bolsonaro could lead, in the opinion of critics, violent crime continued to fuel. The last had spoken, 61 percent of the Brazilians in a survey against a liberalization of the arms to the right.

Bolsonaro had won in October last year, the run-off election for President in Brazil. The 63-year-old candidate of the Social-liberal party (PSL) won over his opponent, Fernando Haddad of the left workers ‘ party (PT).


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