The world Bank doubled its aid for developing countries in the fight against climate change. A total of 200 billion dollars are to be provided in the period 2021 to 2025. The world Bank said that it was an “important Signal to the wider international community to do the same”.

About 100 billion dollars are financed thus directly from the world Bank, around one-third of the remaining $ 100 billion of two organizations, the world Bank group. In the rest of the funds were “of the world Bank group mobilized” private capital.

About 50 billion dollars out of the pot are intended to be reported for the adaptation to global warming. This is no longer necessary, because certain effects of climate change can be avoided. For this purpose, the construction of houses, the extreme weather conditions, as well as the search for new sources of fresh water because of rising sea levels contaminating the existing sources.

the announcement of The world Bank group in the world climate conference in the Polish city of Katowice from the 2. until 14 December. The Meeting follows the Paris climate agreement by 2015. Representatives of the Nations to discuss in two weeks ways to allow for the warming of the climate is responsible-made greenhouse gases are significantly reduced. The international community agreed to limit global warming to well below two degrees.

at The start of the conference will be state’s two dozen – and the government leaders in the Polish city. Germany is represented by Federal environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) and development Minister Gerd Müller (CSU). Schulze is expected to progress at the conference. “Everyone should know after this conference, what has he to do, how it measures progress in climate protection and makes it transparent. And everyone should be able to understand what the other is doing,” said Schulze of the süddeutsche Zeitung.

they warned that the States should not be deterred, if large countries such as the USA or Brazil, from the Paris climate agreement to avert. “The Large, the ducking short, will come back,” said the Minister of the environment. “The reason is not to permanently stop it.”

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