The Italian government is open to the accession of your country to the UN migration Pact. First, the Parliament should vote on the controversial Treaty, said the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte. The government’s populist Five-star movement and the xenophobic Northern League party wants to address after the vote of the members. Italy will, therefore, not to the conference in Marrakech on 10. and 11. November, where the agreement is to be signed.

The migration Pact is a document, the contents of the Italian citizens affected felt, said Conte. Therefore, the government think it is “appropriate to rely on the Parliament, the debate and the final decisions after the completion of the deliberations.” Conte referred to the Switzerland, whose government had adjourned a week ago, the final decision on accession to the migration Pact until the conclusion of a debate in Parliament.

All member States of the United Nations, with the exception of the United States had agreed in July on the draft agreement. This includes a series of guidelines and measures, the implementation of which is not but legally binding. At its core, it’s going to be a better international cooperation in migration policy and Standards in dealing with refugees.

Now announced, however, Hungary, Poland, and Israel their retreat from the migration Pact. Also in Germany there is a debate on the agreement. A majority of the CDU and the SPD has spoken out this week to the Pact, the AfD rejects him. Also from the CDU are occasionally hearing voices, one should reject the agreement in December.

UN-migration Pact the UN-migration Pact

2016 adopted by the 193 member States of the United Nations to improve the New York Declaration on refugees and migrants, in order to cope with the world of refugees and migration movements.

The global Pact for safe, orderly and controlled migration of the UN is to build on that. The impetus of the International organization for Migration (IOM), which is associated with the UN.

In July 2018, all UN member States agreed to except the United States, the Text as a draft. Later on, other States announced resistance.

In December 2018, the migration Pact should be adopted at a summit in the Moroccan city of Marrakech final.

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