The United States are in the UN General Assembly with a draft resolution failed, with the rocket attacks of the radical Islamic Hamas against Israel condemned should be. The paper has received the support of 87 of the States and missed the required Two-thirds majority. 58 countries voted against the Resolution and 32 abstained.

Hamas has never been condemned explicitly in a Resolution of the UN General Assembly. The outgoing US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, had said before the vote that it should be corrected to “a historic mistake”. The UN General Assembly should “stand on the side of truth and balance” so that peace could be achieved in the Middle East.

Before the vote on the U.S. draft resolution Kuwait had demanded, on behalf of the Arab States, to increase the hurdle for adoption a Two-thirds majority. This request was approved by a very narrow majority.

Israel complains procedure tricks

Hamas described the Failure of the Resolution as a “slap in the face” for the government of U.S. President Donald Trump, who has been in the middle East conflict, firmly behind Israel. Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon complained that the US Resolution had been brought about by procedural tricks to Failure. It has, however, been a “very broad support” for a condemnation of Hamas.

Israel, the EU and the US classify Hamas as a terrorist organization. She has written the destruction of Israel on their flags. Hamas took over in 2007, forcibly seized Power in the Gaza strip.

The outcome of the vote is also a defeat for Haley, which is your message post to the end of the year. They had made according to the diplomat, the Resolution against Hamas to a “very personal” matter. Haley has accused the United Nations repeated a anti-Israeli attitude.

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