Nearly 50 million tons of electronic waste are thrown away every year, threatening the environment and thus the health of the people. According to a Report that was jointly created by the UN coalition against e-waste and the world economic forum in Davos presented.

The combined weight of this mountain of electronic waste bring together more on the balance than all previously produced commercial aircraft, said at the presentation. By 2050, the amount will increase to 120 million tonnes, warned the authors of the study. But less than a fifth of the waste was currently being recycled. Instead, millions of people worldwide are working with E-waste under hazardous conditions for health and nature. The material value of the discarded waste metals, such as copper, platinum, Palladium, and even Gold and silver spent 62 billion US dollars (54.5 billion euros) – three times as much as the annual silver production. to lift

Instead of this treasure, burned most of the devices, buried or on garbage dumps, thrown and under precarious conditions. There are particularly poor regions in countries such as Ghana, China, or India, in which that will happen.

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the report calls for a systematic cooperation of companies, academics, trade unions, civil society and associations, in order for the System to realign and reduce the waste of resources. New technologies could help to create an economic model to build, as well as to allow better tracking of products and to facilitate take-back programs. Ultimately, could arise as a result of around the world, millions of jobs and the consequences for the environment are reduced.


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