In Venezuela, a power raging battle between the self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaidó and head of state, Nicolás Maduro, the economic situation of the country has Long been desolate. Before the political and economic crisis, hundreds of thousands have fled into neighboring countries intensified hatred that you now seem to be.

UN aid organizations have condemned violence against Venezuelan refugees on Monday decided. In recent days, Venezuelans in neighboring countries are threatened, in part, and been attacked. “Hatred, intolerance and xenophobia are extremely worrying,” said Eduardo Stein, special representative of the UN refugee Agency, UNHCR and the organization for Migration (IOM) for migrants from Venezuela.

the seriousness of The situation in the country has triggered the biggest peoples ‘ movement in the recent history of Latin America: last year Alone, asked more than 230,000 Venezuelans asylum abroad. One Million people live in addition, due to other arrangements outside of your home country, such as temporary residence permits or work visas.

EU increases pressure on Maduro

so Far, the neighboring countries have shown great solidarity, said UNHCR special representative stone. He called on the media and users of social media, negative attitudes to denounce and not to increase. UNHCR and IOM are in use, in order to support migrants and the communities that you take. Economic mismanagement has plunged the oil-rich country into a deep crisis. According to IOM figures have fled since 2016, more than two million Venezuelans.

The President of Parliament and self-proclaimed head of state Guaidó the United States and some neighboring States have seen thus far as President. You demand that the previous head of state Maduro that he should relinquish Power. Germany has also spoken out, in the meantime, for an orderly democratic Transition in Venezuela, however, without formal recognition Guaidós. The Federal Republic of Germany and other EU States have set a Maduro a period of eight days to call new elections. Otherwise, also want to acknowledge you Guaidó. Maduro rejected the Ultimatum in the case of CNN Türk, in the meantime, as “impudence”.

it is Important on which side the military. It’s Maduro holds, although to date the Fidelity. Beyond the Generalitat, but there is also sympathy for the opposition Guaidós. The wooing of the military, but especially to simple soldiers. On Twitter, he published the adopted by Parliament law on Amnesty, which guarantees the military impunity if they take part in the restoration of the democratic order.


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