The CDU has voted on your party for the controversial UN-migration Pact. The delegates voted by a majority to a corresponding request of the party Executive Committee.

Previously had advertised, among other things, Union group chief Ralf Brinkhaus for the Pact. It was a legally non-binding cooperation agreement to improve international control of Migration, the sun in Germany’s interest, said Brinkhaus, as many coalition politicians before him. At the national level, the question cannot be solve. The AfD criticized the Pact that restrict supposedly national sovereignty.

Brinkhaus described the discussion as a result of a driven campaign by the “deliberate Omission of facts,” kidding. The aim of the campaign was to influence the “parliamentary democracy” by pressure from the social networks in a previously unknown way.

The Grand coalition of the CDU and the SPD had supported the discussed migration Pact recently in the Bundestag by a resolution pointedly. The at the CDU party conference voted for a resolution is word-for-word with the application of the government parties. To discuss the Pact at the Congress, had Jens Spahn suggested that in the election for party chairmanship of the two competitors, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, and Friedrich Merz lost.

In the request, the coalition factions to make clear that the migration Pact “does not establish any legally enforceable rights and obligations” and “no law-changing or law-setting effect”. The Pact should contribute to organize Migration to be stronger, to control and to limit, as well as to protect the rights of migrants, it is called further in the Text.

The Federal government is urged to continue to ensure that through the Pact, the national sovereignty and the right of Germany “on its migration policy, will not be affected by the ‘Global Pact for a safe, orderly and regular Migration’ (GCM), national sovereign rights are transferred”.

In the case of the UN-migration Pact is a legally non-binding Declaration of intent, with the help of illegal immigration prevents legal immigration can be better controlled. The international set of rules to be adopted at a conference on Monday in Marrakech, the also German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).

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