Since taking office as US President, Donald Trump has railed again and again against the Nato. In the past year, he should have even considered several times, from the Alliance to withdraw. The “New York Times” reported. The sheet relies on anonymous government sources.

Trump-I brought in a Nato withdrawal in internal discussions with employees to the game, it says the article. So, the US President said in the days around the Nato summit in July that he is not led to recognize the “sense” of the military Alliance. This is to the detriment of the United States, Trump cited the sheet according to the government employees.

The responsible for security matters Team, including National security adviser John Bolton and the now-resigned Minister of defense of Jim Mattis, had not then used hectic that Trump the U.S. membership in the Alliance in question.

Trump had attacked at the Brussels summit, many Nato partners – because of their, in his view, a lot of low defence spending. At the conclusion of the meeting, he passed but a commitment to the Alliance: “I believe in Nato,” he said.

Current and former U.S. government employees to fear according to the New York Times, however, that Trump could admire, given from his point of view to insufficient defense spending by partners, again with an opt-out from the Alliance.

The report of the newspaper was published at a time, in which the ratio of the US President to the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin is re-tightened. Alone, the Nato-withdrawal of the United States would discuss for Putin, “the gift of the century”, said the former Nato Supreme commander and retired U.S. Admiral James Stavridis, the New York Times.

The “Washington Post” had reported at the weekend that Trump keep hidden the contents of his confidential talks with Putin himself in front of co-workers carefully. In one case, the US President took away even his interpreter, the notes, and this is forbidden, the content of the conversation.


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