In the planned multibillion-dollar reorganization of its business fields have to be expected, the two energy companies, E. on and RWE with considerable opposition from the competition. According to information of the MIRROR are received by the competent Antitrust authorities in Bonn and in Brussels the appropriate complaints. Several municipal utilities, and competitors like the Hamburg-based green electricity provider Lichtblick want to take action against the Part of the merger of the two companies – also legally.

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Concrete object, public utilities and light view from the reorganisation of the business areas of both companies resulting market power of the new E. on group. “Consumers in Germany would have to adjust after such a merger, to significantly higher energy prices,” says Gero Lücking from the Hamburg-based green electricity provider Lichtblick. Due to the “huge market of the new E. on group would receive the already rudimentary level of competition a further serious setback,” says Lücking. (Click here to read the whole story at SPIEGEL+.)

the criticism also comes from the city works: “advancing the Antitrust agencies of the merger, no bolt, it would create a group with historically unprecedented market power,” said Ines Zenke of the energy-law specialist law firm Becker Büttner held in Berlin. She represents several municipal utilities and regional utilities.

coverage: 70 percent of customers

the arguments to the walls, light look at a specialised Agency, gave a comprehensive analysis of the market in order. She is now also the Antitrust authorities, and signed with the approval of the billion-dollar deals with a menacing image for competition and consumers in Germany.

Specifically, would be the number of customers at E. on, according to the calculations of light-view of 5.1 million to 11.7 million. The volume of electricity sold to walk the stairs from 17 to 37 million terawatt-hours. Nationwide, E. on would cover to just under two-thirds of the area, over 70 percent of the electricity customers. With influence on more than 160 different current brands and 840 rates the group would be hit in the regional-led price wars.

E. on and RWE had presented the multi-billion deal in March last year. He provides that E. on will take over the electricity networks, the customers, the sales and new business fields, the RWE has bundled in its subsidiary Innogy in Essen, Germany. RWE should be able to in return, E. on the division with the renewable energy incorporate. In addition, the company is to receive a nearly 17-percent stake in the then newly created energy giant E. on. E. on and RWE have signed the Deal in the past few days, for examination by the Antitrust authorities. Both companies profess to see no negative impact on competition.

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