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airline passengers and the industry must in the case of a non-UK leaving the EU apply in the spring, with serious disruptions in air traffic must be expected. Before that, the world will warn air travel Association IATA. “Without the Deal, we need to plan urgently for an emergency, but even that is probably barely enough to avoid short-term disruptions,” said IATA regional Manager, Rafael Schvartzman in Geneva.

The Association would like to welcome the steps announced by the EU and the UK in the direction, but the Airlines needed to significantly more Details. But: “The Brexit for the industry is not good,” said IATA Director-General Alexandre de Juniac.

Schvartzman, called on the negotiators of both sides to agree at least on the mutual recognition of licences, as well as safety and industry standards. Otherwise, you would need about act all pieces of Luggage of passengers through the UK to Europe trips, after the end of the British EU membership again through the security check, and long queues at the passport control would be inevitable.

In the UK the search for new Visa System must be EU citizens with all other in a queue, even if you probably do not need a visa. The faster samples would not be by waving at the border with the occasional stitch a thing of the past. Presumably, the passport instead of the identity card will be mandatory.

and More tourists due to more favourable pound

Britain wants to leave at the end of March 2019, the EU. The 27 remaining EU member States had approved in November the London Brexit was contract work. Core is a phase of Transition until at least the end of 2020, the practically, nothing will change. But A disorderly exit is not to be excluded, if the Parliament in London should reject the Brexit Deal. Experts expect chaotic conditions in all areas of life.

For holiday makers in the UK could not only change the conditions for entry. In the case of a non-Brexit apply were also passengers ‘ rights – that is, the compensation for cancellations and delays, Roaming costs and the cost of health insurance in case of illness to the Disposition.

What boost tourism in the country currently, is, however, the weaker pound exchange rate. Since the Referendum on the EU by June 2016, the British currency has lost outlet, especially in comparison to the Euro. On Wednesday, it stood at € 1.11, in June of 2016, around EUR 1.30. Among other things, the cheaper pound has led in recent years to a significant increase in tourist numbers. For 2018, the country expects to have approximately 41.7 million visitors.

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