The Federal network Agency has banned in the past year, the sale of more than tens of millions of electronic devices because they have defects, or the EU do not comply with regulations. “More and more unsafe products from the far East arrive via the Internet on the German market”, explained the President of the network Agency, Jochen Homann, on Wednesday the increase in the number of withdrawn products. In the year 2017, the authority had imposed the ban only for about 460,000 devices a sale, 2016, according to a spokeswoman, nearly a Million bans.

the inspectors of The network Agency have taken in the past year traders to target the high numbers on the Internet. Among the devices with a ban on the sale of four million Bluetooth were on the whole good speakers from different manufacturers, and almost 2.5 million Smartwatches.

in addition, the sale of more than 2.5 million wire headphones wireless head says, because you could cause interference to the police radio or the Rettungsdienstfunks. Also 508.200 mobile devices, and to 123,000 by remote-controlled drones have been identified as problematic.

Very low prices uses, warning

The deficiencies ranged according to the figures, the lack of labels and product information to improper Frequency or too high a transmission power. Tested the equipment to be purchases, among other things, in anonymous test.

“consumers should at least make sure that the products have an English manual and CE marking,” says Jochen Homann. Even if the price is very low, you should “look twice”.


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