The United States to extend its military deployment at the border to Mexico until the end of September. It had been agreed with the Department of homeland security, informed the US Department of defense in Washington. The main effort will shift to “mobile Surveillance and reconnaissance”. The armed forces would move in addition, barbed wire between the border post and continue to provide air support.

The use of U.S. soldiers in the field, which was originally until 31. January limited. US President, Donald Trump had the troops deployments in the final phase of the election campaign for the Congress elections of 6. November arranged. He was responding to the marches of Thousands of people from Central America in the direction of the United States, which he denounced as an “Invasion” and “attack on our country”.

critics – including representatives of the opposition Democrats, as well as U.S. veterans – saw the deployment of troops to the southern border, only a choice of combat maneuvers Trumps and a waste of taxpayers ‘ money.


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