Sometimes it is useful third-party Apps on the own Facebook to allow photos access: for example, because one wants to present his highly charged motifs already on multiple platforms. Or because you need it for a Dating platform, quickly take a picture, the man looks even younger. A new message from Facebook, however, likely to deter users with a view to the future, rather, to allow a Third-party App with access to such information.

Normally, external programs, only those Facebook photos shared by the users in your timeline posted. Between the 13. September and the 25. September 2018, however, was different: Facebook, according to a now removed a technical error meant that Apps had potentially also for other purposes used or stored Facebook photos access. So, for example, images should have been available, and was originally intended only for Facebook-services such as Marketplace and Facebook stories.

Still spicy: The access rights concerned according to the Facebook even on pictures that someone uploaded, but ultimately not posted. “For example, if someone uploads a photo on Facebook, but the publication has not yet brought to an end – perhaps because he has lost the receipt or in a Meeting is – we will save a copy of this photo,” writes Facebook, “so the Person has it, if you take the time to go to complete the App back to your post.”

There is also verfänglichere examples

The example is, of course, chosen with the intention of harmless. Practically is likely to have been, according to this logic, for example, the access to erotic images, which were ultimately not posted yet. Or on images where it was only at the second glance, to the conclusion that you do not look so disadvantageous that they are used.

the glitch affected after Facebook’s first public estimate of up to 6.8 million users could be. To wide access to images for up to 1500 Apps from 876 vendors could be had. All of the Apps that could relate to this Bug, are those which have granted Facebook access to its photo interface, makes it clear the company. In addition, would have allowed in the respective cases, in principle, always also users of the Apps, the access to the data.

That means in reverse conclusion: If you are logged in to any third-party service with your Facebook Login and then allowed to use your images, you are not affected by this Problem.

The next breakdown

“we are sorry that this has happened,” writes Facebook in its Blogpost. For the company it is the second breakdown, the fall-time in the September of 2018. The end of the month, the company had informed millions of users about an “attack on our System”. Later it turned out that the data leak 30 million Profiles were affected. Whether there is a connection between the two incidents, it is not clear from Facebook’s current opinion.

To his further approach to the company that it is in the beginning of next week, the external App developers, the tools want to be able to identify with this, which of your users could be affected. “We will work together with these developers in order to delete the photos of the affected users,” says Facebook.

the user, which may be pictures lost came, want to inform the company, in person. A notification directly on Facebook will lead the user to the help area of the network, it is called – there you’ll be able to find out if you have one of the affected Apps use (the appropriate help page is via this Link also proactively control). “We recommend users also, in all Apps that allow you to have Facebook photos shared, log-in to see what photos you have access to,” according to Facebook.


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