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the President of The disempowered Parliament of Venezuela has declared itself to be the head of state of the South American country. “Before the Almighty God, I vow to take on the powers of the Executive as interim President of Venezuela,” said Juan Guaidó on Wednesday at a rally in front of supporters in the capital Caracas. “Let us all swear that we will not rest until we have attained freedom.”

Guaidó wants to overthrow the socialist President Nicolás Maduro, after his manipulation allegations accompanied the re-election of the 10. January has begun a second term in office. International protests followed, numerous States and international organisations referred to the re-election as undemocratic.

Meanwhile, the American President Donald Trump Guaidó recognized as a transitional President, in a message to the White house. Guaidó represent as President, “the only legitimate” state institution of the country, because it was “properly” from the Venezuelan people elected, it was said.

the American organization of States has recognized Guaidó. “Our congratulations to Juan Guaidó as interim President of Venezuela. He has our back, in order to lead the country back to democracy,” wrote to OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro on Twitter.

of The 23. January in Venezuela, a historic date – 61 years ago, the rule of the dictator Marcos Pérez Jiménez, who had held the country for six years in the iron grip ended that day.

Guaidó called on the armed forces, on the side of the government’s opponents to make

tens of thousands of people on both sides in the morning in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, on the road.

The protesters demonstrated on Wednesday in a Transparent with the inscription “We are free” and chanted “you will fall, you will fall, this government will fall”. The police fired tear gas grenades and rubber bullets into the crowd. Masked demonstrators hurled stones at the officers. According to media, several protesters were taken to report.

The national Assembly is the last remaining democratic Institution in the country. Since Maduro left for a further term focus, they regarded the President as a “usurper” occupying the office unlawfully.

Guaidó called on the armed forces, to stand on the side of the opponents of the government. Even Maduro can, however, call on the support of the powerful military generals are sitting in key positions of Power, control the Oil business, the Import of food, banks, and mining companies. Many want to be involved in corruption and criminal business.

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Venezuela wants is in a deep political and economic crisis. The Opposition is suppressed, many government opponents were arrested or fled into exile. Due to the lack of foreign Exchange and can import once the country is rich in hardly any foods, medicines and things of daily needs. Around three million Venezuelans are already fled from the misery abroad.

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