In the power struggle in Venezuela has the military behind President Nicolás Maduro. “The soldiers of the Fatherland will not accept a President who is being used by dark forces, or from the Law itself uses,” tweeted the Minister of defense Vladimir Padrino on Wednesday. Earlier, had declared Parliament-in-chief Juan Guaidó to the interim President.

In a first public response to the attempted seizure of power of the opposition politician, Maduro said in a speech from the balcony of the presidential Palace in Caracas, the United States wanted to install with Guaidó a “puppet government”. Stopping him people, however, only the Venezuelan.

“We are the majority, we are joy, we are the people of Hugo Chávez Frías”, called on Maduro to his followers. “Here no-one goes under, here we go to the fight.” Maduro called on the Venezuelan military to close ranks behind his government, “for the defense of the Venezuelan democracy”, as he explained: “I ask the armed forces to the maximum loyalty, maximum Unity, maximum discipline.”

in addition to numerous Latin American heads of state, the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, has, on the side of the supporters of the oppositional Juan Guaidó. “I hope that Europe supports the democratic forces in Venezuela. The Parliament, with Juan Guaidó, unlike Maduro, a democratic mandate,” tweeted Tusk.

Guaidó wants to overthrow the socialist President Nicolás Maduro, after his manipulation allegations accompanied the re-election of the 10. January has begun a second term in office. International protests followed, numerous States and international organisations referred to the re-election as undemocratic.


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