In the film adaptation of Carson McCullers’ southern novel “The heart is a lonely hunter”, released in 1968, starred in the 1944 in Shelbyville, Tennessee-born Sondra Locke role in her first film – and was rewarded with an Oscar nomination. The award for best actress in a supporting role you eventually got as well as her also-nominated main cast-mate Alan Arkin.

In the Western “The Texan” (1976) starred Sondra Locke for the first time at the side of Clint Eastwood. The two were a Couple and shot up to the mid-eighties, along with numerous other films, including “The man who never gives up”, “Bronco Billy” and “Dirty Harry returns”. After the end of their relationship came to a bitter court dispute. Locke sued Eastwood in 1989 to maintenance payments, they agreed out of court.

in 1986 led Sondra Locke Director in the Film “Ratboy”, whose main character is a rat and a half, half man. For her acting performance in it, she was nominated for a Golden raspberry.

Now the actress Sondra died. The American media reported on Thursday. According to the “” died in Curl already on 3. November to the consequences of a cancer disease. This was clear from the death certificate, received by the celebrity-Portal of the health authority in Los Angeles. The actress was therefore 74 years of age.