The man on the stage does not look like someone who is 1.6 billion dollars. Tom Steyer is wearing grey Jeans, a tie with a plaid, and his shirt is half a size too big.

not interested in, But either the billionaire from California such similarities – or perhaps the Casual-Friday Look is wanted. The former hedge Fund Manager, no. 1477 on the “Forbes”list of the richest in the world, wants to gather the masses of America.

Not to be President, like many of his fellow Entrepreneurs, the dreams of professional success with a political career to crown. Steyer wants to chase the incumbent, Donald Trump long before the election in 2020, from the Oval Office. “Do you think he is a Criminal?”, he calls in the fully occupied hall. Fervently it sounds back this evening from hundreds of throats: “Yeah!”

From all Parts of America are followed, people Steyers call to Washington: a two-day Anti-Trump training camp, in the basement of a hotel a mile from the White house. In October 2017, just a year after Trumps electoral victory, Steyer launched his organization “Need to Impeach”. Single target: The US to force Congress to impeach (Impeachment) against the President.

the leadership of The Democrats has rejected so far, because they fear that the parliamentary process will fail in the end anyway, to the majority of the Republicans in the Senate, but all of the other success of the campaign issues promise superimposed.

Steyer heats up the pressure

But at the base of the pressure-grows – and it is a Steyer, the fuelling of the boiler. Around 50 million dollars he has already put in the campaign, about as much as the SPD and CDU together for the election campaign of 2017. This year, the Ex-Banker wants to invest a further 40 million in his campaign: in TV commercials, and building a grass-roots movement, the power of the Deputy fire under the butt. “If we don’t manage to throw a Criminal out of the White house, how can we talk of any Reform in this country?”, he scolds.

The 61-Year-old is a political outsider who feels between the professional politicians and full-time lobbyists in Washington, according to his own admission “super lonely”. But he is no Dreamer, but one who knows what he uses his money. His investment strategy: high risk, high gain.

The Yale – and Stanford-Student has worked at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, and in 1986 in San Francisco, a private hedge Fund founded. Farallon Capital, named after a sharks popular island group off the West coast. Farallon managed the ascent in the ranks of the world’s largest hedge Fund – thanks to a strategy that took advantage of investment opportunities, “aggressive”, where they had opened the door, as the industry magazine Institutional Investor once noted appreciatively. As Steyer in 2012 sold its share had grown from the original 15-million-Dollar-Start-up a 20-billion-Dollar-asset management.

“Trump is like Michael Corleone in ‘The godfather 2′”

But the hedge Fund managers themselves had changed over the decades. From the financial shark is an activist and philanthropist in the fight against climate change and promised was to donate at least half of his wealth for a better world.

And belongs to this better world that the 45 for Steyer,. President of the United States, he referred to only as “he” or “Mr. Trump”, will soon be removed from office. Quite by accident, he tells his audience in Washington, he had just seen “The godfather 2”. The Parallels were frightening: “He is like Michael Corleone,” says Steyer, and laughs a Laugh, his long herbes that fits more to the Rodeo than in a conference room.

The financial strategist is not a rousing speaker, after more than 40 Townhall appearances in the country, he still reads from index cards. But he has, what makes for successful campaigns: simple message, and inexhaustible resources.

In the Congress-election year 2018 were Steyer and his now separated wife of the database according to the largest single donor to the Democrats after the former New York city mayor Michael Bloomberg. In the future, Steyer wants to support only those politicians who support impeachment. “If you’re against Impeachment, don’t take the trouble. Saving you the time. Driving Uber,” he advises the parliamentary candidates in an Interview to the magazine “The Atlantic”.

More supporters than the gun lobby NRA

it has Over seven million signatures collected “Need to Impeach” already, more than the notorious gun lobby NRA members. Also Trump is not escaped: Steyer acting “like a stampeding and stumbling on maniac, which is probably pretty soon, the money”, etched Trump, according to a CNN Interview of the opponent. The Twitter attack suggests that the President take the attacker seriously.

He has every reason to be: What Steyer is doing, he does. As a hedge Fund Manager, his attitude was clearly, once told one of his clients, the Reuters news Agency: “It is all done, what is needed in order to make money.” And he had delivered.

Today, the billionaire has a different Mission: “I will do whatever is necessary to remove a President from office. No matter how long it takes.”

Many Democrats were afraid, believes Steyer. They rather wanted to wait for the presidential election in 2020, or at least the results of the special investigator Robert Mueller. Him of the tactics of the tobacco industry and the climate change-deniers, the “always wanted to wait for a trial,” before they acted, remember: “But we know that cigarettes cause cancer. The world is warming. And this guy is a Criminal.”

In the hall they clap, enthusiastic applause. Then, a listener, a former soldier. He agree with everything the man says. “But when you will stand at last for President?”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.