In the United States indicate a high voter turnout in congressional elections. According to a report in the New York Times exceeds in 22 States and the District of Columbia in the capital Washington is located, the participation in this so-called early voting is already at the Mid-term elections four years ago. 31.5 million people had tuned in to Saturday, in advance, in the year 2014, however, only 27 million voted by early vote. In 38 of the 50 U.S. States, citizens can place in the days before the actual election date on Tuesday your vote, either in person at polling stations or by postal ballot.

the so-called Mid-term elections less citizens used to be always part of presidential elections. On Tuesday, all 435 members of the house of representatives will be newly determined, as well as 35 of the 100 U.S. senators.

Particularly high, the number of advance votes cast, for example, in Texas. There is selected, according to a report by the online medium of The Texas Tribune in the 30 largest districts, where 80 percent of the population of the Federal state of life, already about 4.5 million people. The are more than in the year 2014, a total of the Midterm elections and in the 2012 presidential election have taken part in. The Texas Tribune, citing official Figures of the local authorities. In the state of most race, a U.S. Senator post held at this year’s elections, one of the hardness: incumbent Ted Cruz, who was put under at the primaries of the Republican party to the US presidential elections of 2016 as a candidate in the subsequent election winner Donald Trump, against Beto O’rourke, who is the great hope of the Democrats.

According to the New York Times States, such as Nevada, Arizona, and Tennessee already in the Early-voting have been given in the Federal process just as many or nearly as many votes as the congressional elections of 2014, a total. In Iowa, Ohio and Wyoming, however, have not yet chosen yet so many people in advance as 2014.

reported The news site The Hill, in particular, the participation of young voters on early voting have increased considerably. Thus, the amount of 18 – to 29-Year-olds who have already chosen in advance, in Texas and Nevada increased five-fold in comparison to 2014. At that time, only a few Young have, however, in the congressional elections participated, quoted by The Hill, the political scientist Michael McDonald: in view of the low Numbers from 2014, it is no wonder, “if this is doubled”. Tom Bonier, CEO of the policy consultancy firm target smart, which analyzes the early voting, also reports of an increased participation of non-white American voters.

conclusions as to the outcome of the elections are premature

American choice, researchers warn, however, not to consider the increased participation of young and non-white voters, who traditionally give more to the Democrats, your voice, already, as a clear tendency in favour of this party as the winner of the Mid-term will emerge elections. The US Website Vox quoted the political scientist Paul Gronke from Reed College in Portland: people, make your voice would simply be those that have already decided in advance of the election date, whom to vote. “I’m more skeptical than many of my colleagues, that we can draw from the participation in the early voting is great to draw conclusions.” Similarly, it is not certain that by the early turnout but this time Select will overall, be higher.

this year’s Congress elections as a vote of Americans over the first two years in office of President Donald Trump. This has completed in the past few days and weeks, a number of appearances, in which he tried to do mainly with the questions of Migration to the Central election issue.

most choice researchers give the Democrats a good chance of the majority in the house of representatives to get back in the currently, the Republicans have the majority, as well as in the Senate. In the elections to the Senate, however, it is considered more likely that the Republicans will defend their slim majority in that chamber of Congress.

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