Until the next presidential election in the United States, there are still nearly two years, but now everything is on a nerve-wracking election points battle for the Democrats. With the left Senator Elizabeth Warren, a sharp critic of President Donald Trump in the position on Monday.

The 69-Year-old, who is a member of the left wing of the Democrats and in the Senate of the state of Massachusetts, represents that is 13 months before the start of the primaries, the first female representative of the party, which makes their ambitions to the public. In July of 2017, the very early use of John Delaney had announced to want to run. He is one of the most prosperous democratic members of Congress, and is likely to have with the financing of a candidacy, no problems.


In the next few weeks and months are likely to zoom in on some of the other candidates, the candidate field is strong. That was in 2016, the Republicans of the case which favoured the rise of political outsider Donald Trump.

This reacted with condescension to Warren’s announcement. On the question of Fox News whether he considered the Senator to be suitable for the presidency, responded to Trump: “you need to get your psychiatrist to ask.” He made it clear that he thought Warren for an easy-to-unconquerable opponent: “I wish her all the best. I would love to go up against you.”

Great competition, expected

As a possible candidate in addition to Warren, the former Vice-President of Joe Biden . Many polls show that he is among the Democrats, especially popular. However, Biden would be in the choice of 2020 is already 77 years old. Particularly popular is also Michelle Obama , although you don’t want to run, the same is true for the presenter of the Oprah Winfrey .

At number two in the list of the favorites of the party Bernie Sanders , the failed 2016 in the pre-election campaign against Hillary Clinton. One candidate, Sanders would detract from Warren’s chances, as both would compete for votes from the left. He is, however, Biden still two years older than Joe.

The African-American Senator from Kamala Harris from California seems to want to compete. The 54-year-old Topjuristin could be especially in the case of those groups of voters, successfully helped the Democrats in the Midterms to victory in the house of representatives: young people, educated women from the suburbs, African-Americans, Latinos.

Senator Cory Booker from the state of New Jersey, it is said, he could be eligible for candidacy in question, although the 49-year-old African American, had declared in January 2017, he would not be a candidate. Also the outgoing members of the Beto O’rourke from Texas is seen as a candidate, despite his defeat in the midterm elections against Ted Cruz. He is considered to be unused and is in some polls among party supporters on the list of favourites in third place, behind Biden and Sanders.

Other senators, whose names always fall back on, Sherrod Brown from Ohio, the New Yorker Kirsten Gillibrand and Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota, whose survey of Trumps Supreme-Court-candidate Brett Kavanaugh followed prior to the nomination of far-reaching.

Also on the former New York city mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg is speculated that the 76-Year-old to think about a candidacy. Bloomberg was listed in October after a few years in the Republicans and as an independent again as a Democrat in the voters ‘ register.

Trump demanded DNA Test of Warren

The pre-election campaign in the party could be similar to that fiercely as 2016 for the Republicans. Already now, the Democrats, the discussions between the left and moderate wings over the course of the party, and about what would a candidate the best chance against Trump. These disputes are likely to increase in the coming months.

Elizabeth Warren announced that they will announce their final decision on an application early in the new year. In a Video on your Homepage is emphasized, for the middle-class fight. Every person in the USA should be able to work hard and provide for himself and the people he love, she explained. Here, Warren also took on their own life story: her father, a janitor, suffered a heart attack when she was twelve. She went henceforth waiters and made it as the first in the family of a high school diploma.

The Jura, a Professor who taught, among others, at the elite Harvard University, has been sitting for 2013 in the Senate and has made a name for himself as a vehement critic of the financial industry. During the presidential election in 2016, has been touted as a possible Vice-candidate Hillary Clinton. Then you have a shot early on Trump. So she called him in a speech a “small, insecure, money collector”, which I was happy about the financial crisis.

Also, Trump has attacked Warren in the past and public information is doubted, that among their ancestors, native Americans. He mocked you as a “Fake-Pocahontas”, a famous Aborigine from the 17. Century. During an appearance in July 2018, he said, should Warren 2020 to compete for the Democrats as a presidential candidate, he’ll ask you to take a DNA Test. If this should confirm your information, he’ll give you a Million dollars for a charity.

Warren subsequently submitted in October, the result of a DNA test, according to which there was “compelling evidence” that one of your ancestors was from six to ten generations of a native American. They invited Trump, his gambling debts to redeem, which denounced it as a fake.


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