no other President prides himself so much with the supposed records like Donald Trump. Never before have so many people had come for the swearing-in of a U.S. President like his. The American economy go under it. Just two statements of many that suspect that Trump is likely to be the greatest President of US history.

A record could be made up Trump actually soon – to- none, with a President boasts normally. Since the 22. December work around 800,000 civil servants from different ministries, without payment or are in unpaid forced leave. The financing continues the dispute until Saturday evening, would take the current Shutdown, a full 22 days. That would be the longest of government to a standstill in the US history.


As the Shutdown is referred to the Situation when the government can’t agree on a budget act. The creation of this law goes back to the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974. Thus, a President needs to propose, as a lot of money in the coming budget year (always starting at 1. October) for which ministries are to be used. It needs to be adopted both in the Senate and in the house of representatives before the President signed the law.

there Is no agreement, a financing gap, Then the ministries can no longer pay their employees. Not always it comes to a government to a standstill in the narrow sense. In many cases, especially in the seventies, were sent no officials to the home. Nevertheless, these financing are referred to gaps commonly known as Shutdown.

Video: the victims of the current US shutdown tell of the consequences


in Most cases the conflict arises because the two chambers will not be dominated in the Congress of the party, who is also the President belongs to. But also intra-party disputes can provide for a standstill. So it was this Time: At the beginning of the shutdown the President’s party – the Republicans – still held a majority in both the Senate and the house of representatives. And nevertheless, both sides found in the budget dispute, no compromise. It was last updated nearly 40 years ago under Jimmy Carter.

A review of the three largest funding gaps in US history – before Trump took.

first place: The difficult path to a balanced budget

length: 21 full days (16. December 1995 to 6. January 1996)
President: Bill Clinton (Democrat)
majority in the Senate:
Republicans (53:47 seats)
majority in the house of representatives: Republicans (235:198)

Bill Clinton (2.v.r.), Newt Gingrich (3.v.r.), 29. December 1995

just like now Trump those Shutdown occurred under Bill Clinton, about the turn of the year. The President and the Congress were pursuing the same goal: a Budget Plan for a balanced budget within seven years to create. But both sides based their intentions on different economic forecasts and so it came to a fight. After a five-day Shutdown in November, hundreds of thousands of government employees went again in December in unpaid forced leave.

Newt Gingrich (at the 20. November 1995)

The conflict was, in particular, to the dispute between Clinton and the Republicans Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the house of representatives. With increasing duration of the shutdown the Republicans came more and more under pressure and a deflected finally, The Congress accepted a compromise. The US population saw the responsibility for the long halt, especially in the case of the Republicans. Clinton’s Approval ratings dropped during the shutdown, recovered in the following. In 1996, he was re-elected.

place: From an aircraft carrier and abortions

length: 17 full days (1. October to 18. October 1978)
President: Jimmy Carter (Democrat)
majority in the Senate: Democrats (59:41 seats)
majority in the house of representatives: Democrats (292:143)

Jimmy Carter (July 1978)

It was the fourth Shutdown in the term of office of Jimmy Carter. In this case, there was a funding gap, without employees were sent in the state in the operation of a forced vacation. The Democrat Carter voted against the Congress adopted the draft law, the money for a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier should provide. This project was in his eyes as a waste of money as parts of a draft law on state construction projects.

could not agree with the parties a Budget for the Ministry of health, because as mentioned several times previously, the issue of abortion caused Trouble. 18 days of this Shutdown lasted. The solution was simple and in the sense of Carter’s: The new law draft from clinging to the carrier, and the President’s requested projects. In the case of abortion, all sides agreed to in the previous year, the compromise that was agreed.

course three: The Republicans to torpedo Obamacare

length : 16 full days (1. to 17. October 2013)
President : Barack Obama (Democrat)
Senate : Democrats (54:46 seats)
majority in the house of representatives: , Republicans (232:200)

Barack Obama (on 8. October 2013)

A group of radical Republicans under the leadership of the Republican Senator Ted Cruz tried to Shutdown to torpedo health care reform “Obamacare”. After President Barack Obama named health insurance should be introduced at the beginning of 2014. The Republicans refused to do with their majority in the house of representatives, led by speaker John Boehner, to adopt the budget for the upcoming financial year. You of the impending US bankruptcy played into the hands, because the debt limit was nearly reached.

John Boehner (8. October 2013)

The Republicans wanted to approve a budget if any parts of the health is made available to the reform of undo, allegedly in order to save costs. The democratic-dominated Senate rejected in turn. 16 full days of this Hick took a Hack, about 800,000 Federal employees were sent on forced leave. In the end, the Republicans buckled and agreed to a compromise. Of the saw to raise the debt ceiling and only a stricter examination of applications for state aid for health insurance. Obama went as the winner of the dispute.

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