A ruling by a Federal judge in the United States, which had declared health care reform “Obamacare” to be unconstitutional, does not occur for the time being in force. Judge Reed O’connor suspended his own decision on Sunday evening (local time). He stressed that he does not think that the health care reform to be unconstitutional. The arrangement should not, however, enter into force immediately, as many Americans would otherwise be faced with “great uncertainty”.

Now Appeals against the judgment are possible, and Obamacare remains in force. The Reform was passed in 2010 and regulates the access to health insurance. The Republican President, Donald Trump had failed several times last year with the attempt, Obamacare should be abolished.

The judge from Texas had supported his decision in mid-December, the plaintiffs, a coalition of some 20 Republican attorney generals and governors. O’connor explained his decision with a Change in the tax law in 2017. Accordingly, it was unconstitutional, that the citizens of the US that conclude no health care, would be fined, as provided for in Obamacare.

A number of Federal States has already announced to want to against the decision of the Texas appeal. It is considered likely that the case will end up before the Supreme court.


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