The US Powerball lottery releases every week profits in the millions for all the players. If you live in Germany and yet on the US lottery you want to play along, goes easily over the Internet. Below, you will learn how you on the American gambling participate.

US Lotto from Germany playing – provider

Powerball is played in 44 U.S. States, the capital Washington D. C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. virgin Islands. International you can participate over the Internet to the lottery. Here, the suppliers such as, or the appropriate tip to offer you tickets to the Play.

The Form of participation is Different: such certificates according to their own figures the Tip in the USA by one of the local offices are bought and filled. It takes part actually in the lottery. Smaller winnings are then transferred to the account of the player in . In the case of larger Win $ 10,000, which the website invites the players in the United States, to take the win. all the lottery is subject to profits in America, both Federal taxes as well as national taxes.

In the case of Tipp24 the principle, however, is something different: It takes part directly on the drawing, but bets on the outcome. This is a small but significant difference. Because the organizer in this case is not the Powerball lottery, but Tipp24. That is, the player has to trust that the website can pay out the winnings is actually. According to its own information, has hedged Tipp24 but, to be able to large sums of pay. Also, the provider working according to this principle.

The odds of winning in Powerball

In the Powerball lottery are drawn, five white balls from a drum with 69 balls and a red Ball from a drum with 26 balls. The red Ball is considered to be the "Powerball" and must be specified as the last number on the ticket. According to the organizers the Chance to match all six Numbers correctly is, therefore, at 1:292 million. In Germany, the Chance at a 6 out of 49 is to tap the right Numbers to 1 in 140 million.

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