The pre-Christmas mood of the approximately 30,000 employees of the American homeland defence Ministry is likely to be subdued this year. Because if your President does not think of it in a different way, you are in love and on the road.

On the 21. December, three days before Christmas, the preliminary funding for the Ministry. The US Congress decides there’s no new budget, must send the Minister, all employees, are not mandatory, unpaid leave. Also the Ministry of justice and the Ministry of Commerce, Nasa, and the messages will then be turned off the money tap.

Trump has indicated that he wants to play it by ear: If the deputies did not give it five billion dollars for the construction of the wall on the Mexico border, as he has threatened in the past, he could put in his Veto. A result of the partial “Shutdown” of the government to a standstill in a number of authorities.

Mexico pays but not

It is also easy to be annoying for Trump: the Democrats only want to back 1.6 billion for border security out – he has screwed his claim, but a maximum of: “Top border security, including wall, will cost 25 billion dollars. Pays for itself within two months. It is done”, he said via Twitter the Congress at the beginning of December. That Mexico should pay, as he stressed earlier, is not the speech.

For the taxpayers five billion also are of little weight in view of the expenditure law for the budget year 2018, from 1.3 trillion dollars. Under Trump, the US has abandoned all fiscal discipline. The Republicans have attacked for decades the Democrats as spendthrifts, are followed by the President willingly.

in 2018, has increased the deficit compared to the previous year by 17 percent. America today stands at 21.2 trillion to its creditors in the chalk. More dramatic than the situation, however, the dynamics of the development. Already in 2019, the shortfall between revenue and expenditure, the crack-A-trillion mark, and if the US does not change course, fundamental that will explode the national debt in the coming decades is likely. Rising interest rates are already a burden for the budget. The hope of the Conservatives, that stronger economic growth will close the gap, has not yet been fulfilled.

What is Trump interested in, is the curve of its popularity

Trump, who seems to not understand the difference between deficit and debt, has not interested the long.

When his advisors pointed out in the summer that in a few years, the debt-to-curve “like a hockey stick” to the top going to fast, let the US President completely unaffected. Trump was satisfied that the critical point was reached only after his possible second term, told the Website The Daily Beast. “Yeah,” he said then calmed down, “but I’m not going to be here.”

What is Trump interested in, however, is the shape of the curve of its popularity. And his notorious followers irritated to shrink the state rather than growing.

As it rained after the adoption of the record-issue law early in the summer, even in his house channel Fox criticism. The President was freaked out so seemingly, the American media reported. Then, in October, the Mega-deficit, it was announced that the commander-in-chief a previously never belonged to the Order of his surprised Team: We need to save.

The Minister should submit savings proposals. “We are going to start to repay the debt. We have a lot of debt,” said Trump. To five percent, according to U.S. press, all ministries report to reduce their expenditure in the financial year 2020. Well, almost all: The Ministry of defence should only be shaved by 2.3 percent.

Trump speaks from the Save, but despair, especially ideas for the expenditure of money

in fact, the employees are expected to attend the new Directive. This is because the head speaks of the Saving is brilliant, but to spend itself mainly with the ideas for the money. The health insurance for pensioners and the social insurance should not be skimped on, he warned, finally, the programs are also popular with electors.

at the same time he has proposed a further ten % tax reduction for the middle class and wants to redevelop with a billion-infrastructure programme in America. Then the wall would be there. And because Trump can bring through without the democratic majority in Congress no new laws are compromises, costs extra money.

Where to save? The President has presented in the course of time many solutions to solve the debt problem. It came: taxes for China, Iraqi Oil, energy policy, the withdrawal from the climate agreement, a waste of the authorities, Obamacare, abolish the interest rates increase or decrease. Print money.

in the Meantime, however, Trump has found the philosopher’s stone: When the trade deficit of the USA falls, then the budget decreases the deficit, he claims. This connection would also need to comprehend first graders, “so simple it is”. A pity that the apprehended apart from him no one.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.