The trade dispute between the U.S. and China affecting an energy project of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Due to the new US restrictions on technology partnerships in China Gates company Terra power could not build as planned, a nuclear reactor for test purposes in the South of Beijing, said the company’s boss Chris Levesque the “Wall Street Journal” (“WSJ”).

Terra power was received in 2017 in a partnership with state-owned China National Nuclear Corp, to explore a new technology, the depleted uranium in nuclear reactors. Thus, the company wants to develop smaller, cheaper and safer reactors.

“We need to reorganize,” said Levesque. “Maybe we can find another Partner.” Which country might that be, remained unclear. In the US, the construction of the planned reactor-a prototype, due to more restrictive regulations and limited state funding of the United States was not possible, had Gates declared to as a co-founder of Terra power last week.

In October, the Ministry of energy of the United States had announced stricter regulations for nuclear deals with China. They demand a high degree of assurance that the technology will not be used for military or other non-approved purposes. The change of course is the “WSJ” according to a part of the efforts of U.S. President Donald Trump of China to concern US technology to thwart.


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