A new wave of Spam has triggered on Thursday, especially in the United States of fear: hundreds of schools, companies and government agencies received Criminal threats via E-Mail. A bomb was placed in the building and will not only explode, if the victims paid a ransom, it said. However, it was found in none of the cases of explosives, prosecutors hold the threat to not be credible.

The clumsy English is the author of the blackmailer’s message, schools, companies, hospitals and newsrooms. $ 20,000 in Bitcoin should pay the addressee, it said, and as quickly as possible.

The Anti-terrorist unit of the New York police Department confirmed that there had been several such threats in the city and also in other Parts of the country. They were, however, not be regarded as credible, so the police.

Also, law enforcement officers from Florida and Idaho, said there is no reason to believe that the threats of something is in it. One of the e-Mails according to a police officer in Idaho, even from the Spam-Filter has been sorted out.

Several schools in the USA had been evacuated or closed earlier, after the E-Mail had arrived. The Pennsylvania State University warned its students via text message, that several buildings were threatened on the Campus and later gave the all-clear, the threat is probably part of a “national Hoax”. Also a town hall in Illinois, a court in Atlanta, an editorial in North Carolina and several firms in Detroit were evacuated as a precaution.

The large-scale stray attack will not only hit the victim in the United States, but also in other Parts of the English-speaking world, such as new Zealand and Canada. In Toronto, due to the threat of a subway train has cleared Station for a short time.


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