No Reflection for the holidays: The budget freeze in the USA will run over Christmas. According to the Republican majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, postponed the Congress of the chamber of their negotiations on a solution to the budget dispute. Although there is 24. December, a “Pro-forma” session, the next scheduled meeting, however, until after the Feast.

on Friday, it was not the Congress, to avert the deadlock in the budget discussions through the break, and the so-called “Shutdown” in the last Minute. The most important point of contention are the US President, Donald Trump demanded billions of funds for the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico, the decline of the Democrats strictly.

trump is the Republicans in the Senate is currently 51 senators. For the adoption of the budget draft 60 of the 100 senators would be required. By the government to a standstill around 800,000 Staatsangestelltenun get no salary. A part of them is sent to an unpaid mandatory leave.

hundreds of thousands of employees, whose work is regarded as essential, without having to pay more their Job to do. This applies, for instance, security forces, personnel in the prison system and the aviation authorities. In addition, the share price collapsed, the already weak American stock exchange.

Trump had to be postponed because of the Government shutdown on his Christmas vacation in Florida. He was now, according to his own statements in the White house and working “hard”. The Democrats will negotiate over “much-needed border security” to the defense of criminal gangs as well as drug and human trafficking, and this will probably “take a long time”. The construction of the wall and one of trump’s Central campaign promises.


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