The White house has relented in its dispute with the US news channel CNN, and the accreditation of the reporter Jim Acosta is back in full force. Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Acosta get access to the White house. He must, however, comply with certain rules. CNN withdrew its lawsuit against the White house.

The White house had locks Acosta after this was in a press conference sharply with President Donald Trump to each other. Sanders founded this first, Acosta had become the opposite of an Intern’s hands, which wanted him to remove the microphone. CNN rejected the and reached on Friday an injunction of the Federal judge, Timothy Kelly, of the was decided to put the accreditation in force. Acosta had been “irreparable damage,” he explained. The Argument of the government, CNN will be able to send just another Reporter, he rejected.

The White house initially announced, the accreditation pick up again as soon as the judge’s order was to run in two weeks. Shortly thereafter, the u-turn followed, Acosta got back its accreditation. Now new rules for press conferences. Every Reporter should only ask a question, wrote to the White house. On Demand of the President or his staff decided. Then the questioner had to give the microphone to the employees of the White house. If someone does not stick to it, can be moved in its accreditation.

CNN said, with the full restoration of Acosta’s accreditation of our complaint was “no longer necessary”. The Sender added: “We look forward to continuing to report from the White house.”CNN had relied in his complaint on which the constitutional freedom of the press. Numerous media and journalists organizations showed solidarity in the fight with the transmitter. CNN is among the media that reports on the most critical of US President, Trump.

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