The American, David Berry, together with several family members over three many years, numerous deer killed. The poachers had collected the heads of animals as trophies and the Rest of the animal carcasses to simply let it lie, said the Prosecutor’s office in Lawrence County in the U.S. state of Missouri. The exact number of animals killed is unclear, the prosecution spoke of several Hundred.

The authorities had Berry violations already withdrawn due to previous act of his hunting license. Judge Robert George, convicted, David Berry now due to the illegal hunts to one year’s imprisonment. He also had that Berry on or before the 23. December had to watch it in the prison for the first time, the Walt Disney Film “Bambi” – and then during his imprisonment, every month at least one more Time.

scene from the Disney classic: Bambi the rabbit thumper

The animated movie “Bambi” from the year 1942, the story of the big-eyed Hirschkalbs Bambi, whose mother by hunters is shot and told. Bambi is then drawn by the father, and of his animal friends thumper and flower, through life. If the Film brings poachers to the insight, is likely to be at least questionable. Randy Doman, head of the nature conservation authority in Missouri, but was impressed by the imposed additional punishment. So the judge wanted to put the deeds of the Convicted person in a larger context.


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