In the US, a passenger plane had to turn back halfway: It was discovered last Sunday on the way from Seattle to Dallas, on Board a “vital cargo mission”, as a spokesman for the airline Southwest Airlines now, said. In this program, there was a donor heart.

The institution was previously from California, Sacramento to Seattle flown. There, it has not been brought but of on – Board and started with the machine in the direction of Dallas. “As we have noted the error, we immediately initiated the return to Seattle,” said Southwest Airlines spokesman Dan Landson.

The newspaper “Seattle Times” reported that the Pilot had the passengers in an announcement declared that the machine due to a forgotten donor heart returns to make. The mistake, therefore, about three hours were lost.

Nevertheless, the performance of the institution was not affected, according to the news Agency AP and the “Seattle Times” reported. They called on Seanna Santana of the organ donation organization, Sierra Donor Services.

Thus was sent to the heart with a courier to Seattle, there are the four chambers of the heart should be kept for future operations. To no time but have been a life is in danger, said Santana: No Patient had immediately been waiting for a transplant. In spite of the detour, everything was in order.


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