The Democrats increase, according to a newspaper report about an FBI investigation against Donald Trump and his angry responses informed the pressure on the US President: the Chairman of The judiciary Committee in the house of representatives, Jerrold Nadler, that he would be making in the coming weeks, “steps to understand both the actions of the President as well as the reaction of the FBI on this behavior better”. At the same time should be tried to protect the investigators against the “increasingly heated attacks from the President”.

The “New York Times” had previously reported that the FBI had determined in 2017 against President Trump, because of possible influence in favor of Russia. The investigation had been initiated after trump’s dismissal of FBI Director James Comey in may 2017. Thus, it went to a question of whether or not Trump’s work, consciously or unconsciously, to Moscow, and whether he was a threat to national security. Secondly, the criminal law question of whether the President had obstructed justice.

Jerrold Nadler

The investigation was to soon with the investigation by special investigator Robert Mueller of possible Russian interference in the US presidential election campaign. Whether the counter-espionage would continue investigations, was unclear, it said in the report.

Trump responded with angry Twitter rants to the report. He had just learned from the “New York Times”, “the corrupt Ex-leaders of the FBI (…) have opened an investigation against me, without reason and without evidence, after I fired the lying James Comey, one of those sleazy types,” he wrote in a text message.

The FBI was at that time because of the “pathetic” management by Comey and his approach in the E-Mail affair with the former democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was “in complete turmoil,” said Trump in a Tweet. “My dismissal of James Comey was a great day for America.” The Ex-FBI chief he denounced as “wicked cops”, would now be protected by his “best friend,” special investigator Mueller,.

When he was later asked in an Interview to the American TV channel Fox News, whether he had ever worked for Russia, said of Trump: “I think this is the Insulting thing I’ve ever been asked.” When reading the “NYT”article, going clear, “that they have found absolutely nothing.”

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trump’s spokeswoman Sarah Sanders dismissed the report as “absurd”. You described Comey as a “biased party soldiers”. Trump had acted “very hard” against Russia. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said in the TV channel CBS, the idea that Trump could constitute “a threat to national security”, was “ridiculous” and “no answer value”.

Comey self-limited in to Twitter on a brief reaction. “I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made myself”, he used a quote from the former President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Nadler, the Democrats now the majority in the house of representatives, accused Trump, in his tirades with no word on the “serious nature of the allegations”. There is “no reason to doubt the integrity or professionalism of the FBI”.

Trump has repeatedly denied any cooperation with Russia during the presidential election in 2016. The investigation by special investigator Mueller to this question, the President referred to repeatedly as a “witch-hunt”. In the Wake of Mueller’s investigation, however, several court proceedings have been initiated, and a former Trump employee sentenced.


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