Las Vegas, 1. October 2017: A man festival opened in a hotel room fire on visitors of a music. 59 people die, hundreds are injured.

Sutherland Springs, Texas, 5. November 2017: A man has an attempt on Church visitors. 26 people die, 20 are injured.

The two acts are among the most serious of its kind in U.S. history. And they took place in a year in which the Rate of deaths by firearms was so high as they have been for decades in the United States. The Figures from the center for disease control and prevention (CDC).

39.773 people were injured, therefore, in the past year firearms deadly, with an average of 109 people per day. So it was 2017 more Deaths by firearms than in traffic accidents (37.133).

Per 100,000 inhabitants were shot in the USA in 2017, twelve people per day – the highest Rate since 1996, such as, among others, the Guardian reported. For comparison: In Japan, the value is 0.2; in the United Kingdom (0,3), Germany (0.9) and Canada (2,1), it is much lower.

14.542 cases were counted as murders. The victims are distributed very uneven: Black men make up more than half of all murder victims although they represent only seven percent of the total population. The has reported that Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

The organization was founded by Gabrielle Giffords, a former Congressman, was become in a citizens ‘ consultation, even the victim of a firearms assault. “It is unacceptable that the number of deaths by firearms, while Washington expanded, debate about laws to save the could help to live,” said Giffords.

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486 cases were accidental killings. An example: In November 2017, a three-year-old child shot and killed his one year old sister. The weapon had located accessible on a bed.

The largest part of the deaths by firearms – nearly 60 percent – are suicides: The CDC counted 23.854 cases. Especially, many suicides there were in areas with lots of weapons and particularly lax gun laws. According to the CDC, the suicide rate was in Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska the highest. There weapons are more widespread than in virtually all other States.

“people think suicide by firearms, that there’s nothing we can do,” says Dakota Jablon of the organization Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence. “But if you look at the Numbers, it is clear that many of the weapons will increase in the vicinity of the risk.” According to Jablon, the risk of suicide is three times as high if there is a firearm in the household is available.

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