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read Before the Congress elections, the threat from the South seemed to be large and immediate: The US President spoke of an imminent Invasion, of an attack on the United States. Thousands of migrants were from Central America on the way to the North. Including, Donald Trump sure were not the only people seeking asylum, but also “very bad criminals and gang members”, and “unknown people from the Middle East”. Then he sent more than 5,000 soldiers to the border to hedge against the perceived invaders.

Two weeks later, the election is over and the migrants have disappeared from the consciousness of the political establishment in Washington. “Missing: A super scary caravan. Last seen on 6. November,”was the headline in the Chicago Tribune a few days ago. Many observers accuse the President, the migrants for electoral reasons, to the national threat high to play to mobilize their own base. The President had exploited the sentiment against immigration, and fear, says Marcela Escobari from the think-tank Brookings Institution in Washington, initiated under Barack Obama, the development program of the organization of USAID in Central America.

Thorsten Schröder

US correspondent, TIME ONLINE

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While the policy turns away, gathering in these days several Thousands of people from Central America in the Mexican border city of Tijuana, 20 minutes ‘ drive from San Diego, California. You wait there to consider the next steps: an official request for asylum in the United States, the border illegal crossing or in Mexico to stay.

Who wants to make it legal in the United States, must register in a long queue. In the past week, more than 3,000 applications were. According to the Governor of the Region of Baja California, in Tijuana, edit the authorities just 100 requests per day. It might pass weeks or months, until all are chosen. Even before the arrival of the migrants in Tijuana, the authorities had difficulties to keep pace – many migrants have to wait at the border for a week on a date for your survey. NGOs help them in the meantime, the Interviews and prepare the documents to be completed, in order to speed up the process.

Tijuana has 1.6 million inhabitants. The city is unable to cope with the migrants, which is now largely. Your authorities have rebuilt bearings, gymnasiums and churches to makeshift reception to the refugees. Many of them sleeping at bus stops or Outdoor. Residents react angrily. In the past week, there were skirmishes and scuffles, the police were able to prevent worse.

United States court stops the asylum law tightening Donald Trump wants to exclude a decree to deport illegal people from the asylum procedure. A Federal judge has issued a restraining order. © Photo: Yuri Gripas/Reuters the Operation duty of a loyal Patriot

Another 3,000 to 5,000 are expected to be in these days in the city. It is believed that a total of up to 10,000 people might come. The city has asked the government for money to prevent the emergency situation from deteriorating further.

For the Thousands of soldiers sent by the White house, there is especially a sense of helplessness. The bombastic Name Operation duty of a loyal Patriot was deleted after the election quickly. In the meantime, only talk of a “support the border authorities is also officially”. And even here, the military is limited in its possibilities: The law and the articles of Association of the Pentagon restrict the powers of soldiers to the border. Because that is where the employees of the Department of homeland security, not the soldiers.

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