US President Donald Trump is not yet ready for the imposition of a “National emergency”, the construction of the wall on the border to Mexico. He had the right to do so, but he’s not “going to do it so quickly,” Trump said on Friday at the White house in Washington. He wanted that the Congress do its Job. That’s why he wanted to impose at the Moment still no “state of emergency”. If Congress does not access to the funds for the wall, some will he to the measure. He would not do it but rather, he added.

In recent days, Trump had threatened on several occasions with the step. Because the President insists on the construction of a border wall or a barrier at the U.S. southern border, are still in the United States for about three weeks, parts of the government. Since it is not on time a budget law, it was decided, since the 22. December a budget freeze for several ministries.

Trump wants to agree to a new law only if it provides for expenditures in the amount of 5.7 billion dollars for the construction of the border wall. The Democrats rely on their votes Trump in Congress refuse vehemently. The Democrats have mastered since the beginning of the year, the house of representatives, so one of the two Congress chambers.

the Longest Shutdown in the history of

this Saturday (00.00 am local time, 06.00 hrs CET) is the “Shutdown” designated financial blockade, the longest in US history. Then you begin 22. Day. The longest Shutdown of 21 days prevailed between December 1995 and January 1996. It was triggered by a tax dispute between President Bill Clinton and the Congress.

since The 22. December continuing “Shutdown” will affect some staff, 25 percent of the Federal authorities, and about 800,000 Federal. With 420,000 of them have to work, despite the financial barrier, because their work is considered to be indispensable. The rest of around 380,000 were sent to the forced vacation.

The “Shutdown” leads to temporary stop the salary payments to affected employees. After the end of December had been, the salaries paid, got for the first time this Friday, the majority of the approximately 800,000 staff affected by the “Shutdown” in the Form of non-salary payments for pain to be felt.

The salaries are paid retroactively when the budget freeze is lifted. However, there is no end to the Blockade is still in sight. For many of the affected Employees of the lock leads to considerable hardship, as they lack savings. Mortgage payments or Rent, credit card bills or the payment of cars to be a massive Problem.

Some Federal employees engage, therefore, already in part-time jobs, such as a Uber driver or Babysitter. Some sell on the Internet items from their possession, to make ends meet.

the government gets sued

An air traffic controllers ‘ Union has sued the government of President Donald Trump, due to the absence of wages. This was a violation of the law, and wounded the pilot of the constitutional rights of the flight, said the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, on Friday filed a lawsuit. You should be able to concentrate to land planes safely, and not through financial hardships to be distracted. It is at least the third action brought by a Union on behalf of Federal employees, which since the beginning of the so-called shutdown on 22. December, have received no salary.

The Situation is deadlocked, the last summit between Democrats and Republicans has burst. Therefore, it seemed increasingly more likely that Trump could do with the imposition of the “National emergency” Seriously. The Democrats have threatened for this case with resistance, the matter could deal with the courts and the government a tough legal battle bring.

A state of emergency Declaration, Trump would be far-reaching powers, and he could try to leave the wall without the consent of the Congress building. A country-wide state of emergency, the laws, or even fundamental rights, is not the but.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham urged the President on Friday publicly on this measure. After a Meeting with Trump, he wrote on Twitter: “Mr. President, impose a National state of emergency, to build a wall”.


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