For more than four weeks of partial government holds a standstill in the United States now – if not stopped soon, it could pose a threat to an Advisor of U.S. President Donald Trump, according to the economy, growth could slump in the first quarter, said Kevin Hassett of the channel CNN. “It could easily be a number close to Zero.”

If the financial blockade to stop the entire quarter, it could come in the first three months of the year, to a Stagnation, said Hassett. In the second quarter, however, would “be enormous”, when the so-called Shutdown until then. For the full year, the economy is still strong, so Hassett. It will continue to expect a growth of three per cent.

institutions such as the world Bank and the International monetary Fund (IMF) fear that at the latest next year, a decline in growth in the United States – regardless of whether the partial government continues to stand still.

Economic impact of the US shutdown On in the downturn,

Tags earlier, Hassett already at the station FoxBusiness said, the cost of the Shutdown would be the amount of 5.7 billion dollars in excess of the Trump for the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico calls. This is the reason why it came at all to the Shutdown – the Democrats in the Senate and house of representatives do not want to give the money for the construction of the wall in the household.

In polls see a clear majority of Americans, the Position Trumps in the budget dispute, the critical. 71 percent of respondents in a survey by the CBS network, of the opinion that the fight Trumps the border wall is the disadvantages of the partial Government shutdown value.


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